Product Information from the Housewares Show

March 24, 2009 11:00:26 AM PDT
Thousands of housewares and homegoods products for every room in the house, apartment or condo - and outdoor living, too. From high-end international design to trend-setting basics, products range from kitchen electrics and small appliances to gourmet specialty foods and cookware, from bakeware and kitchen tools to home decor, space organizers and storage systems, home healthcare and home-office to pet supplies and lawn and garden decor.

2,000 exhibitors - 200 new - with 40% of exhibitors coming from outside the U.S. Global suppliers exhibiting in categories throughout the Show will be from Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Turkey. Organized pavilions will feature products from China, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan and Turkey.

More than 60,000 buyers and sellers from over 100 countries. More than 30% percent of an expected 24,000 buyers come from outside the U.S. 75 percent of all U.S. buyersare specialty, independent retailers.

The International Home and Housewares Show ends today.

T-Fal - Actifry

This unique countertop cooking station is designed to increase the nutritional value of food, enhance overall flavor, and reduce meal preparation times. A heat pulse and optimized air circulation evenly cooks the food, while the bowl automatically turns and a paddle gently stirs food. Perfect for crisp french fries (use only 1 tsp of oil!), meat, fish and vegetables.

DKB - Jamie Oliver Flavor Shaker?

Spice up that home-cooked meal with just a shake of this handheld device. Pop ingredients like whole spices, herbs, garlic, nuts, or citrus rind into the acrylic bottle, add the ceramic ball, and give it a shake. The specially designed ball and bottle crushes, mixes and grinds to release flavor in just seconds.

Conair Handheld Steamer

Cut down on visits to the dry cleaners with this new versatile, handheld steamer. It's easy to store, carry and use but packs 650 watts of power and continuous steam. Use on clothes, curtains, linens and more. There's also a lint brush attachment for pesky pet hair and lint.

FrockZ - Slipcovers for Lampshades

Yes, slipcovers for lampshades! These form-fitting slipcovers easily stretch over universally sized lampshades, allowing you to change the look of your room in just minutes?and for just a fraction of a cost of a new lamp or other new accessories. Covers come in several contemporary colors and designs, as well as different sizes and shapes.

Lifetime Brands - One Handed Mandoline

With a simple squeeze of the hand, home chefs can cut down on time spent slicing and grating. Select one of three blades, place a vegetable or cheese in the chamber, and squeeze to quickly create slices or shreds that fall neatly over a plate or bowl.

Emson - Sharper Image Slide and Negative Converter

Take control of all those slides and negatives you've got lying around. Load your negative or slides into the converter five at a time and then plug the device into your computer using a USB cord. Using software that comes with, you'll have quick access to digital images, along with editing features common to photo software like crop and red-eye reduction.

Farberware Tuna Squeeze

Now you can drain water or oil from a can of tuna?or any canned good?without getting any liquid all over your hands. Simply place a can inside the press and squeeze the lid and base together to have perfectly drained tuna in seconds. It features a pour spout for draining and lowered sidewalls for easily removing the can.

Jura Capresso - 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Who needs to buy that expensive cup of java at the coffeehouse everyday? Brew a whole new morning without leaving the comfort of your home with this new deluxe machine. Viewers can make a high-end espresso or cappuccino with all the bells and whistles using easy features like the coffee/steam selector and swivel frother.

Ignite USA -- AUTOSEAL® Beverage Holders

A coffee mug, sippy cup, or sports bottle that NEVER spills or leaks? The Ignite USA patent pending technology automatically seals the drink opening between sips. Press the button to sip and release to seal?that's all. Beverage holders come in a variety of styles and sharp colors and designs. Perfect for anyone on the go.

Picnic at Ascot - Collapsible Coolers and Picnic Baskets

Catch the first bit of spring with a picnic or outdoor outing! These coolers and picnic baskets make your outdoor events a breeze, but also help you cut down on storage space when they're packed away for a Chicago winter. Aluminum framed with Thermal Shield insulation, waterproof lining and plenty of pockets. The picnic basket includes straps for glasses, napkins and more.

POOF-Slinky - Kellogg No Bake Cooking Kits

Kids will learn to cook on their own and surely be proud of their creations with these colorful, clever kits. Sets include kid-friendly cookbooks, as well as color-coded measuring cups and spoons to make tasty treats using Rice Krispies, Froot Loops or Frosted Flakes. (For instance, directions will say "a blue cup" full of Rice Krispies, instead of "¼ cup".) And none require the use of the hot oven or stove!

BISSELL® Smart Details?

This smart line of cleaning products puts an emphasis on the details, making a not-always-so-fun task easy and stress-free. Products including brooms, dusters and mops have jointed handles to angle under furniture, collapsible handles for easy storage, and soft-touch grips.