Girlfriend to Girlfriend: Get you feet sandal-ready

April 3, 2009 Dr. Robert Klein, a podiatric physician and board certified foot surgeon has some tips:

1.Rid feet of any winter spawned "yuckiness"

a) Cracked heels - Be wary of cracked heels. This can be caused from improper fitting shoes, wearing boots all winter long, or over-worn flip-flops, so be careful during these upcoming warmer months because although flip-flops are comfy and great for travel, they can be dangerous.
- Moisturize. A good moisturizer contains natural oils like jojoba, avocado, or shea butter. These oils help to hydrate and moisturize dry skin. For a DIY cheap trick try a pumice stone or Callex ointment
b) Athlete's Foot - 75% of Americans have experienced athlete's foot at some point, so don't be ashamed. - A common mistake is to diagnose athlete's foot for dry skin - To treat athlete's foot use Lotrimin
c)Toe Fungus - 10% of Americans have toe fungus at some point
- Nail and toe fungus looks like thick discolored, yellow, with brittle toe nails and white debris under nail.
- To treat nail and toe fungus use Miranel and Zeasorb

2.Battle Odor Problems- Sweat is a common problem during warmer weather months. To help banish bad odor from shoes and prevent sweating in your sandals or flip flops use an anti-bacterial foot soak in addition to an antiperspirant such as Certain-dri.

3.DIY Nail Beauty Kit - With money tight these days, we all have to reevaluate our spending, which means many of us will cut back and can the weekly trip to the nail salon. Here are some quick tricks for a DIY manicure and pedicure:

a)Soak feet for 5-15 minutes in warm water and soapy mixture, and especially prior to a filing or scraping.
b) Always file the sides and bottoms of your feet and cut straight across
c) Never use a razor blade

4.Spring Shoe Shopping Tips - With warm weather approaching, here is a quick guide to finding the right shoe

a)Always wear proper fitting shoes. Feet continue to grown, so re-measure your feet every 6 months.
b)It's best to shop for shoes later afternoon or at night because your feet tend to swell in the morning
c)Platforms offset some of the heel height and block heels feel better than other kinds of heels, like steel for instance

5.Foot Stretches - Wake up those feet from a long winter of hibernation. A simple foot stretch is to roll a tennis ball under your foot. It will stretch out the fascia as well as massage he muscles on the bottom of the foot.

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