Sox game rescheduled for Tuesday

April 5, 2009 (CHICAGO) The White Sox postponed their season opener against the Kansas City Royals until Tuesday.

Snow shovels replaced the opening day first pitch at U.S. Cellular Field. Fans will have to wait until Tuesday.

It took crews nearly eight hours to clear three inches of snow off of the baseball field. And the decision to cancel Monday's game because of the weather was a good call to the head groundkeeper.

"We'll be covering it up in a while," said Roger Bossard, groundskeeper, Chicago White Sox.

Bossard has worked at Sox park for 43 years and has seen his share of dicey weather on opening day.

Outside of the Cell, some Sox fans had a lot of time on their hands because of the canceled game.

"I think we should have played today. It shows how die hard the Chicago fans are," said Kristine Sweeney, White Sox fan.

Fortunately for Sweeny and her father, they can come back on Tuesday and catch the opener. And the weather is supposed to be a little bit better.

"This isn't baseball weather. It's football weather," said Anthony Johnson.

Johnson has to spend the day outdoors as a walking billboard. And even those making a quick dash outside bundled up.

"I think I've had some decent experience with the winter but it never is quite as long in Cincinnati. So trying to get used to it lasting a little longer every year," said Kelly Vollman.

Even though we had a taste of spring a few weeks ago, there were some words of advice from someone who grew up in an even colder climate.

"Don't trust that. It's just trying to trick you. It's not spring until it's June," said Betsy Nettleton.

For any fans who had tickets for Monday and can't attend the game Tuesday, the White Sox say you can exchange your ticket for a similar ticket or lesser value for a game later in the week or for the series at the end of April.

The last time the White Sox canceled their home opener was back in 1982, when they had to cancel the first five games because it was snowed out. Hopefully, that won't be the case this week.

Many fans speaking with ABC7 Chicago said they would agree the White Sox made a good call.

One family of Sox fans said they didn't mind waiting, since this is not exactly baseball weather.

"This is crazy. Of course, Arizona was much better. I think they should stay there for a little longer," said fan Kelly Morell.

The 2009 baseball season officially opened Sunday night in Philadelphia. Some White Sox fans caught the game on ESPN Sunday night while enjoying buffalo wings and other snacks at a new Bridgeport restaurant that was all set for its first opener Monday.

"I think it's going to be a big inconvenience for everybody, but it'll still be the same Tuesday. People will still come out," said Kevin Ponkey of Buffalo Rings and Wings.

Some fans ABC7 found Sunday night had planned to go to the game Monday.

"I wouldn't want to be sitting out there. So, I ain't going to complain," said Chris Vanaria.

"I called my boss. I'm going to take off Tuesday instead," said Sox fan Tony Invergo.

Another establishment, Catchers Inn, had big plans for opening day Monday, but workers there were relieved the Sox canceled the game far in advance so everything could be easily rescheduled for Tuesday.

One Sox fan there was a bit surprised the Sox actually canceled the game.

"I remember walking down the street on 35th Street in the second inning, and there is a driving rainstorm, and they were still playing baseball. I'm a little shocked that they canceled it this early. I just feel by noon tomorrow all the moisture will be melted, and everybody will be looking around at the sun going, 'Why aren't they playing baseball?'" Catchers Inn's Mike Jeffers said Sunday.

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