Madigan, feds coordinate efforts against mortgage scams

April 6, 2009 (WASHINGTON) Madigan joined treasury Secretary Timothy Geither and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Monday morning in Washington D.C. They announced a coordination of efforts from federal, and state officials as well as the private sector to stop scammers from preying on desperate borrowers.

People in danger of default are being warned to look out for scams especially when money is asked for upfront.

"They will promise to stop your foreclosure, they will promise to save your home, they will promise to reach out to your lender, they will promise to get loan modification for you, they will promise to represent you in court, they don't," said Lisa Madigan, (D) Illinois Attorney General.

Madigan filed complaints against two Chicago area companies-- Centurion Los Mitigation Group out of Chicago and Cash V-I-P out of Melrose Park -- that have been accused of being involved in mortgage rescue scams. Neither company was available for comment.

Madigan's warning that came too late for Susana Rangel. Rangel paid $1,500 to secure a loan modification that never happened.

Juanita Aguilera of Neighborhood Housing Associates helped Rangel secure a loan modification so she could keep her house.

"If any servicer of a for profit organization asks you for money the safest thing to remember you don't have to pay, just run away," said Aguilera.

For more information on where to locate free housing counseling, visit Neighborhood Housing Service. You can also call for information in Spanish and English:

English: 773-329-4185

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