Family of foxes finds a home in NW suburb

April 7, 2009 (ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.) So far, the foxes and most people who live in the area. All seem to be getting along.

Red foxes can be seen regularly in the 2000-block of Lillian Lane in Arlington Heights. Residents say a mother and her pups which are called kits have burrowed a den near some hedges in front of one of the homes they refer to as the fox's home.

Michael Raef has even taken video and pictures of the creatures that he says usually come out in the early morning hours or at dusk.

"I never expected them to move right next door so they live under the lady's deck or her front porch slab. So far there's two adults and then there were six kits and looks like unfortunately one of them got run over the other day," said Raef, a resident of Arlington Heights.

"I see them all the time running up and down this street and the next street over," said Igval Singh, Arlington Heights mail carrier.

Tom Beissel, regional wildlife biologist for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, said it is not unnatural to find foxes in the area, not surprising at all. They are not considered dangerous.

Some residents say they're scared. They fear for their children and pets and they don't believe foxes should be a part of the community.

The subdivision of Arlington Heights near Hersey High School is lined with homes and children that live in them. There are also a number of residents who walk their dogs in the area.

"We are concerned when the dog gets in the backyard and we're not sure because they do go from yard to yard and we're concerned about the pets," said Grace Slevin.

Arlington Heights police say they are not concerned.

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