Photographer shares candid IOC shots

IOC ends 6-day tour of Chi-town
April 8, 2009 (CHICAGO) Members of the International Olympic Committee are on their way out of town following a six-day visit to evaluate the city's bid to host the 2016 Summer Games. Most of their visit was a tightly scripted, highly choreographed tour of the Windy City. But a Chicago 2016 photographer captured some of the candid - and memorable- moments.

SLIDES: IOC Candid Shots

The IOC spent their final day in town behind closed doors, preparing their technical evaluation of Chicago. They fly home Wednesday night.

While the media wasn't allowed to be there for all of the Olympic events, Doug Arnot was. He captured many of the moments on his camera.

Arnot is the Chicago Olympic bid's director of venue. He served as the IOC's tour guide during part of the visit.

He caught many formal moments, but also several more informal moments, like a high-five shared between evaluation commission chair Nawal El Moutawakal and a young gymnast; IOC member CK Wu putting up his dukes with aspiring Olympic boxers; and Marty Nesbitt working the room.

"There were some great moments," said Arnot.

Arnot said a small army of Chicagoans ranging from young athletes to high-profile Olympians and volunteers to celebrities help spread the Chicago 2016 message.

"The evaluation commission would see people on corners waving 'We back the bid' signs and they would say 'Slow down the bus, slow down the bus' and make a big point of waving at them," said Doug Arnot, Chicago 2016.

Outside Monday night's dinner for the IOC at the Art Institute, blues legend Koko Taylor gave the media a taste of what was to come.

"Back to that same old place, sweet home Chicago!" sang Koko Taylor.

Inside City Night, Taylor and Buddy Guy set the tone. Oprah Winfrey did the rest- while Mayor Daley looked on and smiled.

"When Buddy Guy came out at City Night and started playing and singing, they were clearly getting into it. Some were clapping and singing along," said Bill Scherr, Chicago 2016.

Sure the IOC saw a city that was dressed to impress, but it's also one that long-time residents can recognize.

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