City works to fill potholes

April 10, 2009 (CHICAGO) The city's transportation commissioner says the 311 hotline shows a backlog of about 13,000 potholes per day.

Part of the new strategy includes bringing back seasonal workers early and assigning 'wolf packs' of pothole repair crews to focus on the worst streets.

The Illinois Department of Transportation will help out by filling potholes on state-designated routes.

It's welcome relief for officials who have been hearing a steady stream of complaints.

"We realize that we can't get all the potholes as quickly as we'd like and that many motorists are frustrated. and so are we. but every pothole reported to 311 will get filled and we're committing to do that," said Thomas Byrne, Chicago Transportation Commissioner.

The Chicago Department of Transportation says city crews have repaired more than 300,000 potholes since December.

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