Taylor known as actress, director, playwright

April 14, 2009 (CHICAGO) She's an actress, a director and a playwright.

Many of her productions- which started in Chicago- have gone on to the national stage.

She's a member of the Goodman Theatre's Artist Collective, an association that began with her first play.

"My very first play was successful in that it got a production. That's a success in itself. It's very rare for an emerging artist to finally get their first production," said Regina Taylor.

One of her plays, Crowns, has become the most performed musical in America.

"It is the play I wrote for my mother and for my grandmother and all the women who helped to raise me about black women and the tradition of wearing hats," said Taylor.

Currently, Taylor's play "Magnolia" is at the Goodman.

"I wanted to write a play about the birthplace of Martin Luther King. Why is it that this place that nurtured such a man? In doing that research I came to 1963, which is the march on Washington and when he spoke of his dream, his children's children. I wanted to write something that came from this soil Atlanta, Georgia," said Taylor.

"I feel very blessed. I get to dream and I get to realize those dreams, different facets. I dream and become different characters. I dream and set those things on paper. They become my plays. It's a nice life," said Taylor.

Taylor also appears in a drama series. reginataylor.com and goodmantheatre.org

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