How to have good closet karma

April 15, 2009 (CHICAGO) Kara Kurcz is a Chicago girl at heart, but she knows what makes the cut in Hollywood. She's a successful handbag and clothing designer as well as creator of Closet Karma

"I live in LA and every celeb from Cameron Diaz-to Fergie wears my line, Kara says. "When the economy started hit the fan I started a fashion blog called It is an inspirational place where women can go to learn everything from how to be a Recessionista to how to find a way to get out of bed and feel fabulous even when things are not so fab."

Growing up in Chicago, Kara dreamed of moving to LA where she would direct and produce her way through Hollywood. After studying journalism, television, radio and Italian at the University of Iowa, she moved to Italy for several months where she nurtured her flair for fashion before graduating. Returning to the United States, Kara began working in television, including a stint on America's Most Wanted. She eventually moved to Hollywood, gave up TV and launched Sola Fashion, and Closet Karma Fergie, Carrie Underwood and Hayden Panettiere are among the stars that carry her handbags.

Kara has some tips on how to get through the Recession with style:


  • CRAFTY -Have clothing swap parties, learn to rework your closet
  • CAREFUL -Buyer beware: there is a ton of bad material and poor quality items in a recession available. Just as your wallet is crunched remember so are the stores. Know what you're buying.
  • CHARISMATIC-Get together with girl friends and don't be afraid to shop in someone else's closet. Trade things even talent. (For example, if you need a gown to wear to event and are good with makeup, trade your skills.)
  • CASH CONSCIOUS-Know your budget; know the economy

  • DO NOT BUDGE ON YOUR BUDGET. Check out and other free budget websites
  • 5% OF EVERYTHING YOU DO SHOULD BE FOR YOU! Save 5% of the money you do have to do something nice for yourself. Just like being on a strict diet can cause you to binge, so can starving yourself of privileges.
  • NO IMPULSE BUYING! You don't go to the grocery store hungry so don't go shopping without a clear vision.
  • MINUS THE MULTIPLES. Don't get sucked into multiple sales. Studies show women who buy multiple colors of the same style of clothing tend to only wear two.
  • VIVA LA DIVA! Get up an extra 20 minutes in the morning to dress like a million bucks even when you don't feel it.
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