An artist you should know

April 16, 2009

The sound of the chain saw is an artistic happening signaling the creation of a sculpture. The artist is 34 year old Ryan Matijevich.

"Well I wanted statues in my yard and i couldn't afford them....I started carving logs...and basically taking out which didn't belong," Matijevich said.

Matijevich has never taken an art class. His figures are fashioned from the logs he has assembled at his work site located on Ripley near Central in Lake Station Indiana.

"That's the fun part about it...people can come to me and can have basically anything the want carved...that means something special to them...the best thing about it when they walk away happy," Matijevich said.

I notice you don't make any marking you just start with your chain saw...and go to work.

"Just visualize how that piece will fit inside the log and take out what doesn't belong," Matijevich said.

A work depicting an alligator chewing on a tire was carved from a single piece of wood for a tire store.

Matijevich will tell you he's a victim of the recession...he was once a plumber....a general contractor...did some remodeling work until the economy began to decline.

"I've always loved art...I've loved doing music...drawing...when the recession hit there was not pushed me into what i loved to do...and...i should have been doing it all along," Matijevich said.

Ryan is reachable at 219-963-6077 or by e-mail at:

You can see more of his work at the following site:

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