Joliet couple recovers stolen car

April 17, 2009 (JOLIET, Ill.) They left their cell phone in the vehicle and the crooks used it.

Lindsey Ryan of Joliet is thrilled to have her 2000 Nissan Pathfinder back in her driveway after it was stolen Monday afternoon with her husband's cell phone in the car.

The condition it is in and what was found inside of it, drugs and a knife and the car was trashed.

Ryan said by checking their wireless account online she tracked down the location of the car and the offender, a fourteen year-old who was using her husbands' cell phone.

"I clicked on details. He was calling his friends and family and I began a reverse search for the addresses to those numbers. There was one address I could not track down and decided to repeatedly call that number," said Lindsey Ryan.

The young mother said she finally talked to the offender.

"I had a five-minute conversation with him. He said, 'do you know you called me 38 times in three hours?' He was more mad at that than anything," said Ryan.

Ryan says her husband, Mike, was returning tables he had rented for Easter when he noticed the left gate was ajar so he got out of the car in the 1200-block of Rock Run Drive to close the tailgate. Next he knew, someone drove away in the vehicle. The Ryans recovered the SUV on Friday morning exactly where the offender said he would park it.

"I've had people say, drop the charges, but no way. He's responsible for what he has done," said Ryan.

Ryan says Joliet police told her they arrested the 14-year-old on Thursday while he was driving another stolen car.

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