Teen hit by repeat drunk driver

April 21, 2009 White is also charged with fleeing the scene of an accident.

Investigators say he was found hiding in a ditch.

On Tuesday night, the injured teen is are talking about the crash and the lesson she hopes it can to teach prom goers about drinking and driving.

Alexis Abramowicz has a lot of bruises and stitches but she also has a lot of support from her family and friends.

The 17-year-old is home from the hospital, recovering from a serious crash. She says she wants the crash, which appears to be caused by drunk driving, to be a lesson for everyone, Including the man accused of causing it.

"Alls I remember is driving and the lights coming straight at me in my lane," said Abramowicz.

Alexis Abramowicz was hit nearly head on Saturday night. The collision caused her Chevy Blazer to flip over, trapping her inside.

"I feel like that seatbelt is what saved me from anything going through my windshield," said Abramowicz.

Abramowicz followed the rules, but Dan White is accused of breaking the law.

The 40-year old is charged with drunk driving in connection with the accident.

"He wasn't even concerned about her. Alls he was concerned about was his car, not the girl he left for dead," said Arlene Abramowicz, mother of Alexis.

Arlene Abramowicz was waiting for Alexis to come home from her job Saturday night when a witness to the crash called her.

"When they said she was in an accident, I couldn't imagine this is what I was going to see when I got there," said Arlene Abramowicz.

Arlene and Alexis older brother frank went to the scene, which, on Tuesday still shows evidence of the crash. They were told Dan White tried to run and hide.

"The cops were all pulling him out…I was just hysterical," said Frank Abramowicz, Jr., brother of Alexis.

According to the Will County state's attorney, Dan White has at least 3 DUI arrests since 2002, the last two happening about a month apart.

On March 10, he refused a breathalyzer test, which means his license would be suspended. that was set to happen in a few days.

As for Alexis, the Lockport High School senior will miss her prom this weekend, but is thankful she's alive.

On Tuesday, White was charged with felonies of aggravated DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Those charges carry a sentence of up to 12 years in prison.

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