Police release 911 call in triple stabbing

April 21, 2009 We also hear from the accused killer about what happened last Friday morning.

That suspect was the fiance of one of the family members.

The tape lasts 6 minutes and 33 seconds. We hear from the 911 dispatcher, the accused killer, D'Andre Howard, and his fiance Amanda Engelhardt.

You'll also hear the couple's 8 month old baby crying in the background throughout the tape.

We want to warn you, some people may find this tape disturbing.

The call was made at 6:44 Friday morning and Amanda Englehardt calls for help.

Amanda: A lot, a lot of blood loss.
911 operator: Okay. Who is hurt?
Amanda: My mom and my sister, and my boyfriend.

911operator: What happened?
Amanda: It's a long story. I need someone to get here quickly. Please.

Prosecutors say that inside the home on Bluebonnet Lane, over the course of several hours, D'Andre Howard tied up various members of the family stabbing Engelhardt's 18 year old sister Laura, 57-year-old father Alan and 73-year-old grandmother, Marleen Gacek, to death.

The call reveals Laura tried to fight back.

"She took the knife from me and she stabbed me in the arm. I fought for the knife," said Howard on the tape.

Amanda's mother, Shelly, was also stabbed. She remains in critical condition on Tuesday night.

During the emergency call, Howard appears to be going in and out of consciousness as he tries to tell the 911 dispatcher details.

911 operator: What is you name?
Howard: My name is D'Andre Howard. Amanda Engelhardt is my fiancée. We are getting married this summer in the backyard. I wont make it.

Then the 911 dispatcher asks Howard if there are others who may have been injured.

911 operator: Are you and her the only two that are hurt?
Howard: No, her dad. 911 operator: Where is her dad?
Howard: He's dead. I'm dying.

Then Amanda takes the phone when the dispatcher asks about the rest of the family.

Amanda: They are all in the den. Grandma is in the kitchen.

Amanda and their daughter were not injured in the attack.

Howard has been charged with three counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide. His attorney says he is mentally unstable.

The 911 tape could be used in the trial.

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