Solar cell phone, GPS tracker and police vehicle top TechSmart

A Japanese company is teaming with the Sharp Electronics company to produce the device.

The device is being marketed as the first solar-powered, waterproof cell phone.

To begin with, starting in June, it will only be available in Japan.

An experiment is underway in Great Britain to track school children using GPS technology.

This pilot program was approved by the Welsh General Assembly.

The goal is to deal with anti-social behavior like truancy and school bus violence, and to track a child's whereabouts.

Parents will be able to check on their children through a website.

The northern suburb of Evanston is apparently on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology.

The city's police department has purchased a T3, a three-wheel vehicle powered by a zero-emissions electric motor.

The T3 will be deployed throughout Evanston on streets, alleys, parks, and paths.

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