Tartufioli Aquilani

April 30, 2009 Ingredients

14 oz. of flour, six eggs, 17 oz. of fresh ricotta cheese, 3 oz. of Black truffles, butter, grated pecorino cheese, salt.


Knead the flour with 4 eggs and a little salt. Allow to rest the dough. beat up the remaining two eggs. Take the ricotta, which have lost much of its water and mix with the eggs previously beaten, adding a pinch of salt. then combine the truffle, which is already grated. lay the puff pastry and, equally spaced, asking over balls of dough with ricotta. cover with another sheet and the first, round using a stencil, cut the dough in the center, so that the edges are well pressed. Boil the "tartufioli" (the name combines the classic truffle with ravioli) in boiling water and seasoned with melted butter, pecorino and a little parsley. Condiment, however, you can also use butter instead of a tomato sauce. Before serving add the dish some slat truffle.

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