Arrest made in fatal hit-and-run

Police: Red light camera may show who had right of way
May 5, 2009 (CHICAGO) But as of Wednesday morning, no charges have been filed against that person.

Two people were crossing the street at Devon and Western in the West Rogers Park neighborhood late Monday night when they were struck by a car. The car was found abandoned a few blocks away; the driver fled the scene.

Detectives with the CPD's Major Accidents Investigation Unit have been talking to someone who came into the 17th District Headquarters on Pulaski. He or she is not being called a suspect, according to police.

The victims, 50-year-old Yakho Oshana and 34-year-old Christy Cawthon of Chicago, were crossing the street when they were hit by the car. It is unclear who had the green light.

As the investigation continues, Oshana's family mourns his death.

"He was a very friendly guy, ask anybody around here. They all like him," said Malkie Oshana, victim's brother. "It's an accident. It's not like they did it on person. I would just like for the person who did it to say he did it, you know. I don't hold nothing against nobody cause these things happen."

The red Honda was found just a few blocks away. The owner said he was not driving the car at the time of the crash. However, police do not have a record that the car was reported stolen.

Chicagoans who spend time on Devon Avenue near Western complain about the intersection.

"People always not paying attention," said Joseph Ngu. "Drivers either texting or you know doing something other than looking at the road."

"I see people trying to always beat the light because of the camera situation that just came in recently and especially the timing on the camera is very short and everything so people are always trying to beat it. And not only that, people that are walking are always in the middle of the street most of the time," said Agith Eapen.

Oshana was well known on Devon, especially in his tight-knit Assyrian community, where the 50-year-old ran a social club.

"Everybody talking about that in the area. Everybody knows him. I feel sorry for his brothers," said Nahreen Jahanna.

The red light camera at the intersection may show more details in the case. There is a question about which party - the car or the pedestrians - had the right of way.

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