Major conference held on wind power

May, 5 2009 (CHICAGO) It is being called the largest meeting of its kind committed to a discussion of the construction and development of wind energy systems.

The Windy City is playing host to the world's largest conference, all about wind power. Nearly 20,000 people are attending the wind Power 2009 conference at McCormack Place. More than 1,200 exhibitors showing off the products they make and sell.

Though we are in a recession, many at the conference agree that wind power is about to explode in America and Illinois should be one of the leading states taking advantage of the many millions of dollars in President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan, money that is dedicated to boosting renewable energy systems like wind power.

The energy department has a goal of generating 20 percent of the country's electricity through wind power by the year 2030. Currently, it's less than 3 percent. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley invited participants to build and dream big in Illinois.

"This conference represents what I've been saying for over 20 years, since I've been mayor of this great city. Protecting the environment makes economic sense and improves the quality of life for our residents," Daley said.

"We don't want to be beholden to foreign petro dictators for our energy supply in any way, shape or form. That's why we have to capture the wind. In the best traditions of American democracy and Illinois democracy," Quinn said.

"The administration is showing the American people that we have these options, that we can provide a solution to our energy needs through renewable energy. It's amazing," said Danny Pase, Evolution Energy Group.

Pase is predicting his company will double in size by next year, which gives an idea just how fast the wind power industry is growing in America.

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