Our Lady statue returns to Holy Name

May 5, 2009 (CHICAGO) Francine Demma's late husband, Carl, sold his business to commission the sculpture, which is currently parked at the marina trucking company for maintenance.

"He felt that in doing something like this he had the vision of seeing that it could bring people back to the church," said Francine Demma. "I've found in most of the parishes Our Lady goes to... they're in awe... they're very much in awe of Our Lady."

the figure stands 33 feet 8 inches, weighs more than 3 tons and is constructed entirely of stainless steel. In 1999, statue was taken to St. Louis and blessed by the pope during his visit there.

Our Lady was first shown at Holy Name Cathedral 10 years ago and it has traveled to hundreds of parishes since then. For its anniversary, the sculpture will return to Holy Name on May 9th and May 10th for Mother's Day.

"He wanted to leave something for Chicago. What better than our Blessed Mother? And that he would leave this legacy and a mark which he has done," said Demma. "He had the vision and he fulfilled it. As I said to you before, how many men have a dream and accomplish it and are able to share it with thousands of people? And, that's what he did."


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