Chad and Jeremy: "Yesterday's Back"

May 8, 2009 Their new CD "ARK-eology" debuted on's Hot New Contemporary releases at #1 in November; they admit they were shocked by it's immediate success. The title of the new CD is a play on words from their last album "The Ark" for Columbia Records in 1968; it has 3 songs from each of their albums. But they are all new versions and the duo says they're much happier with them than most of the originals.

Chad and Jeremy have just completed a new documentary "Yesterday's Back." Available for sale in September, the one hour documentary chronicles the life and times of the British Folk duo and their rise to fame in the 1960's. The Documentary includes performances from their recent concert tours, wonderful footage from The Dick Van Dyke Show, Johnny Carson, Patti Duke and other classic TV shows in which they appeared. Little-known performances are also highlighted including Chad's voiceover in Disney's The Jungle Book;" Jeremy's big-screen adventures with Michael Caine and Roger Moore; Chad's job as Musical Director for the Smothers Brothers and working with SNL's Phil Hartman on TV jingles. The video documentary outlines the reasons for their 1969 breakup and details on their two highly-rated but poor selling Pop-Psych albums.

The documentary is Directed by Chad and Jeremy publicist Caswell Cooke Jr. and edited and filmed by Chris Walsh. Producers Dennis Burkholder, Jason Rhoden, George Markham and Executive Managing Producer Timothy Kniffin have spent the last two years on this project; it is currently being reviewed by PBS.


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