Violinists in tune, light on their feet

May 12, 2009 Ed Kreitman is behind a group of violinists- aged 11 to 16- who dance while making their own music. It's an experience that builds confidence- and talent.

"I happened to go see River Dance and as I was watching the dancers on stage and hearing the wonderful fiddle music...I thought maybe those two things could be combined," said Kreitman.

The combination of music and dance has made Allegro unique. Composed of 16 youngsters, the group has enchanted audiences as far away as Bermuda.

"At the beginning it is because you have to concentrate on both things at once which can be difficult when you have the learn the steps...after a while its not that bad," said Becky Steinmeyer, Allegro member.

"You get used to it and everything becomes just part of you...the violin becomes part of your body and you just happen to be dancing," said Alex Krug, Allegro member.

"Well the thing isn't something that you can just say 20 minutes and your done...your done when your done...I expect to keep going until everything's perfect," said Alec Nather, Allegro member.

"When we see the children that come in at the beginning of the year...and they're good players but they're awkward performers; they're shy. And when I see what they are doing at the end of the year. It's just an amazing transformation and that feels fantastic," said Kreitman.

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