Kuwaiti bunnies find their way to Chicago

Lop-eared pair saved from open-air meat market
May 13, 2009 (CHICAGO) Ramone and Lucky are living now at the Red Door shelter in Rogers Park. It's a no-kill shelter specializing in rescuing dogs and cats -- and rabbits. And this time of year, just after Easter, there are plenty of rabbits to take in and rehab and then put up for adoption.

"We're one of the only places in the Midwest, we're the only no-kill shelter, that rescues rabbits," said Toni Greetis, Red Door animal shelter vice president. "We have two from half way around the world...From Kuwait City."

Ramone, the gray male rabbit, is in Toni Greetis's arms, and Lucky is the brown female in this story of the great rabbit escape. When they were newborns they were found in an open air meat market in Kuwait City. They were in a pile of tiny bunnies with basically no future at all.

But Chris and Elaina Green, formerly of Batavia, Illinois, just had to do something.

"They felt awful and wanted to rescue all the rabbits but...they just picked two, maybe randomly, and took them home to raise as their own pets," Greetis said.

So Ramone and Lucky used up all of their eight lucky rabbit's feet. But after a year and a half of the good life, the Greens, their owners, were transferred to Germany and laws forbid the import of rabbits there.

Just in case you're wondering, a red door is the international symbol for a safe haven, so that's why Chris and Alaina Green in Kuwait thought this would be the perfect place for Ramone and Lucky.

They arrived here to the Chicago area Monday from Kuwait. they will live at Red Door for about a month then they will be put up for adoption.

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