CPD searching for lost police dog

Dog likely scaled fences during storm scare
May 14, 2009 (BOLINGBOOK, Ill.) A German shepherd named Bear who works for the CPD went missing Wednesday night. He lives with his handler, Detective Rick King, in the 3800-block of West 109th Street. King let Bear out in the back yard Wednesday night. King said he thinks the dog got spooked during the storm.

"I looked on the fence and you could see muddy paw prints where he literally climbed and got his paws on the top, pulled himself up and just climbed up. He's like a monkey. He's amazing, he's an amazing climber," said Detective King.

Bear climbed two fences, one of which is more than 6-feet tall.

King said he hopes Bear finds his way back home.

Anyone who finds Bear should call the Chicago police.

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