Missing police dog reunited with owner

May 17, 2009 (CHICAGO) The German Shepherd named Bear lives and works with detective Rick King. Wednesday night, Bear was outdoors when he was startled by a sudden clap of thunder. He jumped over a fence and disappeared.

Sunday morning, a man named Howard Overton spotted the dog in Evergreen Park. He flagged down an officer who caught Bear.

Detective King had been searching for the dog day and night.

"I haven't been getting any sleep. [I] think I've had about five hours in the last week. Every time there would be a sighting of the dog, no matter where in the city, I've been running to check it out," King said.

"I was just hoping that he would find the dog. I know, without the dog, he's lost. He needs his friend," said Overton.

A $2,000 reward had been offered for Bear's return.

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