Police shoot man in Chicago alley

May 22, 2009 (CHICAGO) The shooting took place near the intersection of 81st Street and Elizabeth and occurred, apparently, after officers were driving down Elizabeth. They reportedly saw a young man on the sidewalk with his hand in his pocket. It looked suspicious to them. So, they called him over. When they did that, reportedly, the man took off running the other direction.

Police were still investigating the shooting Friday evening and had closed 81st Street. It has been reopened.

ABC7 Chicago is told the shooting happened in an alley nearby and that the officers say the man was holding what they thought was a gun. According to police, the man started running and then actually pulled out a gun. When the officers fired at the young man, they hit him.

"They [police] said, 'Boy in the white shirt,' and he took off running. He didn't do nothing. They tried to kill him," said witness Rashad Taylor.

"I heard three shots," witness James Tyler told ABC7 Chicago.

Police had not identified the person who was shot Friday evening.

ABC7 Chicago is told he was indeed hit by one shot and that was in the foot.

The man was transported to Christ hospital in serious to critical condition. Officers, however, say they do not believe the injuries are life-threatening.

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