May 24, 2009: President Truman's grandson

May 25, 2009 11:14:10 AM PDT
This month is the 125th anniversary of President Truman, who this year in a C-Span survey of historians was ranked No. 5 of the nation's 42 presidents (from George Washington through George W. Bush.) By the way, Lincoln was 1st, Washington, 2nd, Franklin Roosevelt 3rd, Theodore Roosevelt 4th, Kennedy 6th, Eisenhower 8th, Reagan 10th, Johnson 11th, Clinton 15th, George H.W. Bush 18th, Ford 22nd, Carter 25th, Nixon 27th, George W. Bush 36th, and Buchanan last at 42nd. Truman is honored in Chicago by Harry S. Truman College on the North Side, where the director of public relations is Clifton Truman Daniel, the president's grandson. Daniel is an expert on his grandfather, lectures about him, and wrote a book about him.

With the help of video and graphics, we'll find out why historians so highly regard the man from Missouri (he helped found the United Nations, created the Marshall Plan to help devastated Europe recover from World War 2, broke the Soviet blockade of Berlin with the Berlin Airlift, helped create our main defense alliance, NATO; integrated the formerly segregated U.S. armed forces, etc.) And we'll see if there are lessons President Obama and all of us can learn from the Truman Adminstration.