Web site revolutionizes parking

May 26, 2009 Now one Chicago businessman is changing the way you look for a place to park at the ball game.

On game day, thousands of fans pack the streets around Wrigley Field. Many of them are looking for a place to park.

"I'm terrible at finding meter parking," said Aashish Dalal, founder of www.parkwhiz.com.

Aashish Dalal runs www.parkwhiz.com, a Chicago based Web site that helps you reserve parking spaces online.

"When we first started parkwhiz it really was just me and a buddy, and it really has grown to a point where we could envision it, this is what we were hoping it was going to be," said Aashish Dalal, CEO, www.parkwhiz.com.

Dalal's company lets people with empty parking spaces list them on their Web site.

Then -- either using a computer or a smartphone -- people heading to the game can check to see what spaces are available and reserve them online.

"There's parking everywhere and people can make a business out of this," said Dalal.

People who are selling their spaces don't have to be home for the game. They collect their money online.

"It's a different way to do things but it's also a much smarter way to do things," said Dean Bravos, www.MyWrigleyville.com.

Dean Bravos helps run one of the rooftop decks overlooking Wrigley Field. His company lists the spaces behind their building on parkwhiz.

"Instead of having the guys who have parking spots and they try to flag you in off the street, it's a real," said Bravo. "It's kind of something that reflects the new age."

"Here's a way that I was able to earn more money," said Theresa Price.

This season, Theresa price started selling her space online for about $30 a game because she's worried about the recession.

"It gives me a sense of security, it provides a little bit of a cushion, or allows me to spend money on a luxury that I wouldn't have because I'm cutting everything back," said Price.

The company now has deals with other ball parks including Fenway Park in Boston and AT&T Park where the San Francisco Giants play. They've also added airports and other entertainment venues.

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