Did mom steal girls' ice cream money?

Police search for mom in possible ice cream theft
May 28, 2009 (DEERFIELD, Ill.) Was it theft or just a misunderstanding?

Deerfield police are looking for a mother of three who allegedly took $20 off a Baskin Robbins ice cream counter leaving two 12-year-old customers without money to purchase their ice cream.

It happened in Deerfield on May 15. The victims made a police report and want the matter settled. Police are not sure a crime has been committed but they want to question the mother.

Investigators say two 12-year-old Deerfield girls were in the Deerfield Baskin Robbins ice cream shop when they were distracted by another customer in the store.

"They put the ice cream on the counter and they left the $20 on the counter. The lady takes her original change, puts it in her purse. Engages in conversations with the little 12-year-olds, turns her back towards the girls and it looks like she picks up the $20 and slides it into her purse," said Tom Keane, Deerfield deputy police chief.

Baskin Robbins would not talk to us because the matter is under investigation. However, they did say that the woman is a regular customer who often comes in with her three children.

"It's possible. But as it got reported to us, as other people have looked at the video, they have a different opinion," said Keane when asked if the inicident was possibly a mistake.

The video apparently shows that after the mother picked up the cash she remained in the ice cream shop with her three kids. It was later when one of the girls discovered she no longer had the money.

"I was looking for hopefully somebody knows this lady or this lady sees herself on the news, and then she'll come forward. Somebody will come forward and we'll have a chance to talk to her to find out what the facts are," said Keane.

Police say the parents of one of the girls intends to prosecute if it turns out to be a theft.

Baskin Robbins corporate says they are trying to locate the two victims to provide them with ice cream gift certificates.

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