Judge wants to lower Peterson's media profile

June 3, 2009 (JOLIET, Ill.) Prosecutors asked the judge to rein in the three-ring circus that this case has become, and he agreed, essentially shortening the leash on Drew Peterson and his defense team.

Now, effective immediately, no more live call-ins to talk radio or national morning shows. Peterson is being put on Will County Jail's version of a friends and family calling plan. He will only be allowed to call friends, family and lawyers on a pre-approved list.

The prosecution Wednesday turned over more than 9,400 pages of interview transcripts, police reports and the like, but the judge ordered Peterson's lawyers not to reveal to the press witness names.

The judge said he wants to be personally informed before attorney Joel Brodsky agrees to appear as a guest on any talk show. Brodsky said there is no question Drew Peterson understands the seriousness of his situation.

"Drew was always very sharp, very witty with the quick comebacks, always light with thinking on his feet. Certainly that sharp edge has been dulled somewhat, obviously the result of being kept in isolation the way he is," said Brodsky.

Couple of odds and ends: The defense team expects an appellate court to rule in the next week or so on the motion to lower Drew Peterson's bond. If it is lowered substantially, he could post and get out of jail.

Also, the defense team said Wednesday they will definitely file a request to move this case out of Will County, but if that's not granted Drew Peterson's attorneys tell ABC7 that they will be ready to go to trial. That date has been set for August 24.

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