'Love Person' speaks in multiple languages

June 4, 2009 (CHICAGO) In "Love Person", the audience is taught the importance between relationships and communication. It will either bring people together or push them away.

Two couples, three cultures, four languages, English, Sanskrit, American Sign Language and projected texts and e-mails, with four relationships, gay and straight, flourish in this contemporary romantic tales about the language of love.

"It talks about language and how language connects us and how sometimes language can cause this, because language is a complicated thing," said Arlene Malinkowski.

Malinkowski plays Maggie, a poetry professor who signs. She is in love with Free, a deaf woman played by Liz Tannebaum.

"We've been together for about 10 or 12 years," said Tannebaum.

What is unusual about this play is the role of the deaf character.

"Usually, with any kind of show about deafness, it's about the disability, and this show is about people for people that are involved with language," said Malinkowski.

Speaking of language, every performance has open captioning on the stage to help the audiences follow multi-languages.

"This play has no barriers," Tannebaum said.

Performances of "Love Person" are Tuesday through Sundays until June 14 at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago. The telephone number is (773) 549-5788.


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