Donation saves life, unites families

June 8, 2009 (AURORA, Ill.) Mary Garza read a story about donating bone marrow and decided she would do it. That decision saved the life of Evan Garcia of Jasper, Texas, who was dying from a rare immune disorder. The two met on Monday.

"Oh, I'm going to cry the whole time. I'm choking back tears right now," said Garza.

"We're excited and nervous," said Rogelio Garcia, Evan's father, who said it's not possible to thank Garza enough.

The ceremony at Aurora's City Hall was sponsored by Lifesource Blood Centers, the group that runs the marrow donor program. Garza was about to come face to face for the first time with Evan and his family.

"There aren't words. How do you explain? Here was this boy who was horribly ill and was going to die and now he's perfect. What are the words for that? I don't know," said Garza.

"How do you say thank you for your son's life? You know there's no way. You can't go anywhere near saying enough," said Melissa Garcia, Evan's mother.

Two young mothers- joined together by the gift of life. Miles apart in Aurora, Ill., and Jasper, Texas, but forever in touch.

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