Judge: Accused coach did not violate bond

June 9, 2009 1:18:08 PM PDT
A DuPage County judge questioned the decision making of Michael Cardamone during a court appearance on Monday. Judge Blanche Hill Fawell said Cardamone's trips to an Easter event, Chuck E. Cheese and the gym where the coach used to work were not in violation of his bond. However, she did say they were in "bad judgment."

On Monday Judge Fawell set another hearing for Cardamone at which point she will decide if the 31-year-old will be ordered to wear a GPS device. It is also possible she may give him a list of places he is not allowed to go.

Cardamone is accused of fondling seven girls at the gym where he worked. He was released on bond in January and is not allowed to have contact with children younger than 18 except family members.

Cardamone's attorney said he was with other people and had no physical contact with children while in public.