Former students congratulate teacher on award

June 9, 2009 (CHICAGO) Sims received the Distinguished Educator Award for her work at the West Side school.

"The years just didn't mean anything to me because it was something I enjoyed," said Alma Sims. "Every year we get our letters anytime after August 15 --about going back -- and August 15th couldn't come fast enough."

Her former students and fellow teachers were there for the presentation.

"Very loving person. But she took no nonsense, pushed us very hard. We would have three, four hours of homework. I cherish that today because it gave me the drive to be successful," said Patricia Williams, former student.

Sims taught for two years before she took the job at St. Agatha in October of 1954. She retired on June 7, 2005.

There were many students and many classes, but this teacher did have pet-- the class of 1962.

"It was something about that class that touched me. They were attentive… and, the main thing, they were education-oriented," said Sims.

"You know, she taught just about everybody in my family… quite a few of us. And that is outstanding, so many years, so much dedication," said John Lewis, Class of 1962.

"I feel that every class I had I was able to do something for each one that helped them to be where they are today," said Sims.

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