Coach charged with alleged abuse to wear tracking device

June 12, 2009 A judge issued the order after Michael Cardamone took his two sons to an Easter egg hunt, a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant and some other events.

On Thursday, the judge ordered that another adult be present if Cardamone and his children are to take part in activities with other kids.

ABC7's Jason Knowles talked to Cardamone on Thursday about the issue of his being monitored.

Cardamone claims he didn't realize he was doing anything wrong when he took his sons out.

"I believed within those circumstances I was following the conditions that were laid on me. I didn't know it would be putting me in jeopardy...I would never have gone," said Cardomone.

The former gymnastics coach faces potential new charges stemming from the allegations he fondled girls who were students at the gym where he worked.

Cardamone's first conviction was overturned by an appellate court.

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