Lacrosse Team Models

Latest in Summer Wear
    Mike Gabel, #9, Goalie
  • Joseph Abboud collection long sleeve white linen button down. (SRP $ 128; current sale price: $58. and
  • Calvin Klein "The Benjamin" Khaki Pinstriped Male Capris (SRP: $78)
  • Calvin Klein Akoni Leather and mesh sandals (SRP: $78)
  • Orange Fossil watch (SRP: $75)
  • Ray Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses – available at Macy's Sunglass Hut (SRP: $129)
    Ryan Covert, Practice Squad, Defense
  • Noele- Boss Black- tan lamb skin leather jacket (SRP:$795)
  • Giani- Boss Black- light blue polo with navy blue details, 100% cotton (SRP:$95). A new item at Hugo Boss for Father's Day.
  • New York-Selection- white straight leg jean (SRP: $295)
  • Clent-Boss Black- beige suede loafer (SRP:$295)
    Bud Petit, #8, Goalie
  • Layered Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirts (SRP:$55 each)

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Gellar Fatigue Shorts (SRP: $65)
  • Skidgrip Converse (SRP: $50)
  • Brown Leather Fossil Watch (SRP: $105)
    Brendan Cannon, #7, Attack
  • The Jam-Boss Black- light blue pinstripe sport coat, 100% cotton (SRP: $550);
  • Texas-Boss Black- light blue stretch denim, a Hugo Boss classic fitted jean with a new wash for the season. Hugo Boss carries the Texas style year round (SRP: $155);
  • Baxier-Boss Black- classic fit shirt with a lavender check print (SRP: $155);
  • Tie- Boss Black-lavender stripe (SRP: $95)
  • Muso- Boss Black- blue calfskin leather shoe (SRP: $375)
  • Jukka- Boss Black- blue calfskin belt (SRP: $165)
    Mark Bundra, Practice Squad, Midfield
  • Yellow V-Neck Polo by Ralph Lauren (SRP: $39.50)
  • Joseph Abboud Swimwear- Oceanic Micro-printed swim trunks (SRP:$65) or
  • Lacoste Navy and White flip flops (SRP: $35)

Chicago Machine Background

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation.

The Chicago Machine is in its 4th season as Chicago's outdoor professional men's lacrosse team.

The Machine will play the Washington Bayhawks on June 27th at 7pm Uihlein Park, Milwaukee. On July 4th the team will play against the Toronto Nationals at 7pm at Niles North High School.

For more information, visit or call (312) 255-1522.

To receive game updates, text the word "Machine" to 95248. Also, follow the Chicago Machine on twitter at

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