Fathers honored at Peninsula Hotel

June 21, 2009 But that was not the case Sunday. Dads were the guests of honor at the Peninsula Hotel and families were happy to be celebrating Father's Day in style.

"It's a very important day because it's a day that I get to reflect on all the many special things about my two daughters," said father Eric Smith.

"My father set a good example for me, saying, look, you need to be not only present, but you have to be an active participant in your children's lives, and that's what we're doing," said father Courtney Hollowell.

"This is the best Father's Day I've ever had. The Peninsula just does a wonderful job," said Jon Fellows.

The Peninsula created a 'dad-friendly' menu especially for Father's Day. Delicacies included an upscale barbecue and a Bourbon Float station.

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