Flood warning for some suburban residents

June 22, 2009 There is a flood warning for people living along the Des Plaines River in Gurnee.

Esper Peterson Park in Gurnee is basically under water after five inches of rain on Friday caused the Des Plaines River to swell. Village officials say they have sandbagged and are ready. They are telling residents all they can do is wait and watch.

"You have no idea. I am so tired of every year worrying about," said Eugiene Augustus, Gurnee resident.

Augustus watches and worries on Monday afternoon as flood waters from the rain-swollen Des Plaines River continues to rise.

Jimmy Lions is concerned too. He doesn't look forward to trying to salvage items from the basement.

"Oh man, I don't know how I'll do it," said Lions.

At 9.5 feet, the Des Plaines River is two feet above flood stage. Village officials say it probably won't affect any homes unless it rises.

"It looks clear as far as rain. North of us in Wisconsin it looks like the Des Plaines River has flattened out, possibly a sign of it cresting," said Patrick Muetz, Village of Gurnee.

A flood alert was issued over the weekend after the torrential rains caused the Des Plaines to rise more than six feet in 48 hours.

"We ended up having to take our tractor over there with two of the camp counselors and the bucket and take all their stuff out because they're not going to be coming back for at least a week," said Ashley Teasdale, Gurnee Park District.

Village officials are hoping they can get the park district programs up and running in about a week. The games are being postponed or moved around, trying to accommodate some of the residents in the area.

Officials say when the waters recede they're going to be prepared to deal with the abundance of mosquitoes that usually come after stagnant water.

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