Missing investor in police custody

June 22, 2009 (CHICAGO) The weeklong national manhunt for David Hernandez finally ended Friday morning, not somewhere far away from his Downers Grove home where he hadn't been seen since last Monday but in downstate Normal, in a hotel room, after a failed suicide attempt.

"We were actually called by hotel management just to basically check on his well-being. They hadn't seen him in a couple of days and when we keyed into the room we found a large amount of blood and he was within the room," said Sgt. Kevin Henderson, Normal Police.

Sources say he slashed his wrists, but his injuries were not life threatening.

Hernandez vanished last week after the feds charged him with operating a Ponzi scheme and bilking $11 million from investors.

He called his wife, Gina Hernandez, on Monday from the hospital but her lawyer says it's not the first time in the past week that she heard from him.

"He was apologizing for the actions. He was apologetic for all the problems and trouble that he'd put them through, especially in the press, and that he wanted to commit suicide," said Tim Martin, attorney for Gina Hernandez.

Hernandez allegedly used much of the money to finance Chicago Sports Webio, an internet radio site launched by Mike North.

Paychecks started bouncing a couple weeks ago, and attorney Tim Martin says Gina Hernandez had no idea her husband of eight years was involved in something like this.

"It came as a total shock to her," said Martin.

"There isn't a doubt in my mind that Gina knew," said Chet Coppock, sports broadcaster.

Talk show host Chet Coppock was also on Chicago Sports Webio until it signed off last week. He has little sympathy for either Hernandez.

"I want to hate him, and in some respects I do hate him but how do you hate someone who's really as pathetic as he really is?" said Coppock.

On Monday night, David hernandez was being held at a hospital in Normal. Police say he'll be turned over to the FBI within a day or two and brought back to Chicago to be arraigned for his criminal case.

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