Group demands accountability from 2016 organizers

June 25, 2009 2:37:26 PM PDT
A community organization is accusing Mayor Daley and Olympics 2016 CEO Pat Ryan of misleading Chicagoans about how the 2016 Games will be financed if the city wins the bid. For a year, Communities for an Equitable Olympics has been urging local aldermen to create a legally binding agreement to protect citizens living in the Olympic impact area from being displaced. They were told there could be no agreement since taxpayer money was not being used to finance the Games. Now that the mayor has stated that the city could have to finance cost overruns, the organization is demanding some accountability.

"From the start we knew tax dollars would be a part of this. If they were not honest about the use of public funds then, how do they expect us to believe them now?" said Shannon Bennett, Communities for an Equitable Olympics 2016.

The mayor has said an insurance policy would protect residents from problems with financing the games.