Fight the "Freshman 15"

If you are like most incoming freshman you are concerned about the dreaded "freshman15." That's the extra weight college freshman put on when they go away to school, says Cathy Lang, personal trainer and author of Wardrobe Workouts. She points to a study involving 907 students (55%male), where freshman students gained an average of 7.8 pounds during their first year in college. More than one-third gained 10 pounds or more, and one-fifth piled on 15 or more. The problem doesn't seem to solve itself sophomore year: Males were on average 9.5 pounds heavier, and females, 9.2 pounds heavier as sophomores, then when they started college. For about every five pound gained, you go up approximately 1 dress or pant size.

But Cathy has come up with a way to fight the "Freshman 15." She has started a boot camp on the lakefront to teach incoming college freshman how to exercise properly and effectively. She shows them a variety of techniques they can take with them to school. Classes for men and women are targeted at the specific needs of young adults as they make the transition from their childhood homes, where the contents of the refrigerator are monitored and meals planned, to their freshman year of college, where the choices are their own.

The Boot camp meets from 6 to 7 pm, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday through July 27 at Tower Road Beach in Winnetka. To register, email . The cost is $25 per session if you mention ABC 7.

If the Cathy's boot amp is not for you, you can still workout regularly in your dorm room. Cathy recommends the following exercises:

  • Monster walk w/punch (works hips, glutes shoulders)
  • Hamstring curl (works core, hamstring, glutes)
  • Lunge & press w/mini ball (works entire leg & shoulders)
  • Black-tie push-up (works triceps & chest)
    6 TO 7 PM
    Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
    6 to 7 pm
    Tower Road Beach, Winnetka


    Personal trainer Cathy Lang is an industry leading fitness veteran who has been seen frequently on TV across the country. Based on over 17 years of feedback from her women clients, Cathy created a first-to-market brand that customizes workouts according to desired wardrobe: Cathy Lang's Wardrobe Workouts. For over a decade, Cathy Lang has incorporated these lessons and taught women how to customize their workout for the variety of styles each woman wants to wear. The former trainer of NFL and NBA athletes brought this straightforward, highly individualized and personally relevant fashion-based approach to fitness to the masses in her book, Cathy Lang's Wardrobe Workouts: Bye Bye Bra Fat. Cathy's second book in the Wardrobe Workouts series, Spanx Can't Help You Now, is due out this fall.

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