Gary fans continue to honor Jackson

June 28, 2009 (GARY, Ind.) There was a memorial service in Gary, Ind., where people are trying to preserve the pop star's legacy.

The outpouring of sympathy and grief over the death of Michael Jackson continued to grow, as fans expressed their themselves at various memorial services in the area.

Gary Mayor Rudy Clay joined the congregation of Zion Progressive Cathedral International Church to not only celebrate the life of native son, but to make the case for a permanent tribute to honor the pop star and his music.

"We've been discussing a Jackson Five family museum. That's on the table. We're going to make it happen. We're going to make it happen in a big-time fashion. As I said before, they did it for Elvis. We're going to do it for Michael," said Clay.

Sunday morning's memorial service was just one of many in the area where fans expressed their love and admiration for the late singer.

Outside Jackson's boyhood home at 2300 Jackson Street, the symbols of sympathy continued to grow because of the mementos meant to chronicle how Jackson touched lives.

Earl Bogan and his family crafted a homemade keepsake of a silver hat and glove.

"I feel he need that. He needed that. I'm so glad to be here," said Earl Bogan.

Also outside the old Jackson family home, while dozens held vigil and paid their respects, others simply cashed in as well-wishers flocked to possess a piece of the legend.

But amid the sharing of favorite Jackson memories, many of the devoted want to know what role the singer's cardiologist and prescription drugs played in his death.

"Back in '97, Michael had a song called 'Morphine' that talked about being addicted to demerol," said fan Tim Gilleand.

But for most, it's just about remembering what Michael Jackson was to them.

"He was just the greatest entertainer," fan Sonia Cuba said.

The tributes for Michael Jackson, from both his fans and those in the music industry continue. Organizers of Sunday night's BET Awards revamped the show to honor Jackson and his legacy.

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