Sloppy Joey and Cornbread

July 2, 2009 But as he learned more about cooking and nutrition, the Highland Park native realized that his favorite sandwich is not a very healthy choice. Chef Joey now promotes healthy eating in his food delivery service Enter the Chef So he came up with a new, healthier version of his childhood favorite, using chicken instead of ground beef, and called it Sloppy Joey. The chicken he recommends is kosher chicken, and he uses his homemade BBQ sauce, tomato soup and chicken stock plus his favorite peppers and course, garlic. Chef Joey recommends serving his Sloppy Joeys over cornbread for a tasty and economical family meal.

Gazpacho is another healthy favorite of Chef Joey, who also owns Joey's Brickhouse in Chicago. His 10 Vegetable Gazpacho was inspired by his former bosses Mary Sue Milligan and Susan Feninger at the Border Grill in Santa Monica, California. Chef Joey uses the entire vegetable, stems, seeds and all to create a chunky, flavorful cold soup.

Chef Joey earned two college degrees, in restaurant management from the University of Illinois, and from the culinary school at Kendall College. After launching his career at the Arizona Biltmore, he moved to California to work for Food Network celebrity chefs Mary Sue Milligan and Susan Feninger at their Border Grill in Santa Monica and Ciudad in Los Angeles. Morelli then served as executive chef at the New York City hot spot Citrus, before returning to Chicago to open Joey's Brickhouse. He also runs a personal chef business specializing in a healthy food delivery service ( Morelli co-hosts the "Family Values with an Oy Vey" radio show with his brother Greg on Saturdays from noon – 2 p.m. on WCPT 820-AM. Tales of the two brothers can now be found on www.ChicagoNow, Chicago's blog about all things Chicago, with their own blog, Food Fight.

Chef Joey will demonstrate his Sloppy Joey and other dishes at Taste of Chicago on Saturday, July 4 at 3 p.m. at the Dominick's Cooking Corner, just north of Buckingham Fountain. You can also enjoy his Sloppy Joeys, cornbread and 10 Vegetable Gazpacho at Joey's Brickhouse, 1258 W. Belmont, Chicago Or try his recipes yourself:

Meet Chef Joey
3 pm on July 4
Dominick's Cooking Corner
Taste of Chicago

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