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July 3, 2009 (BOLINGBROOK, Ill.) It's a rite of summer. A creamy, rich treat. We're not talking ice cream, but rather, frozen custard. At Andy's Frozen Custard in Bolingbrook, the custard is made throughout the day. The Missouri-based regional chain has only one store in Illinois, and it strives to be on par with other regional favorites like Ted Drewes in St. Louis and Kop's or Leon's in Milwaukee.

"It is made fresh every hour, at least, ours is made fresh each and every hour. More likely, it is made fresh every 30 to 45 minutes. That's one thing, the fresher it is the more creamy it tastes," Andy's Kuntz, the owner of Andy's Frozen Custard, said.

Your brain also may be fooled into thinking it's fattier than ice cream, but it's not so. Super premium ice cream is between 14 and 16 percent butterfat; custard is about ten percent. The difference is temperature.

"It is served at a slightly warmer temperature, most ice creams are served at zero to five degrees above zero. Frozen custard is served at 18, 19 degrees above zero," said Kuntz.

Aside from the standard vanilla and chocolate cone, they also make several kinds of specialty treats, like strawberries with homemade shortcake or turtle sundaes, made with locally-roasted pecans. Milwaukee's Sprecher root beer is used to make creamy floats, and the shakes are thick and rich. Going one step further - along the lines of a Blizzard - the concretes are self-explanatory: thick, dense and firm.

"It is fresh, frozen custard, vanilla or chocolate, 95% of the time it is vanilla. And you take whatever topping you want, whether it is fresh fruit, blueberries, blackberries, butterscotch, pecans, and you mix it in it," Kuntz said.

The Bolingbrook location is the only Andy's custard in the state, but they do plan to open up more in our region soon. Other good places for frozen custard include Greg's in Mundelein, and Scooter's in Lakeview.

Andy's Frozen Custard
260 S. Weber Rd., Bolingbrook

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Greg's Frozen Custard
1490 S. Lake St., Mundelein

1658 W. Belmont

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