Selling Collectables

July 7, 2009 There still could have been thousands or millions made. If there is a large advertising campaign it may be too common an item to increase in value in the future.

---If the seller is a retail operation, look for the BBB seal or check the retailer's rating at the

---Is the item truly unique and worthy of its price, or has the price simply been jacked up because of current interest? Look at prices of comparable items associated with other performers.

---If it is an autograph or other personal item, the seller should be willing to explain how he or she came in possession of it. Autographs can be verified by a professional third party organization.

---Collectibles associated with Michael Jackson are selling at a premium right now and most of these items will not increase in value in the future.

---Following the death of Princess Diana, the market was flooded with mass-produced items commemorating her death including special edition Beanie Babies that at one time sold for more than $100 but are now on garage sale tables for a buck.

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