Gov. praises legislators amid budget crisis

July 10, 2009 Illinois does not have a budget at this time and Quinn has been at odds with the legislature.

The appearance by the governor in the South Austin community was dramatically different than appearances he has made at the state capital. Instead of being mired in the controversial state budget crisis, he was faced with a welcoming crowd as he walked into a senior center.

At about 11 a.m. Friday, Quinn walked in to a full applause surrounded by community activists. The governor was there to sign what he called a landmark bill to help residents with their utility bills, so they can pay a portion of their utilities without having them shut off.

"So I think it's important to salute the members of legislature that passed this. They are our lawmakers. They got elected and went down to Springfield from every part of Illinois and understand how important it is to do this for folks back home," Quinn said.

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