Court revives Ill. abortion notification law

July 14, 2009 7:54:41 PM PDT
A 1984 Illinois law requiring teens to get parental consent for abortions has been revived by a federal appeals court.The law hasn't been enforced until now.

One element of the law allowed court approval instead of parental consent, but a lower court ruled that was unworkable.

The appeals court disagreed.

For years, anti-abortion groups have said the law should be enforced.

"I'm sure we'll se a decrease in the number of abortions among teenagers because involving parents in their children's decision is always a good thing," Ann Scheidler, of the Pro Life Action League, said.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois issued a statement saying:

"The court made an unfortunate ruling. In some cases, safe and open communication is not possible. In those cases, research shows mandatory parental notice laws do not enhance patent-teen communication but they may be harmful to teens' health and well being."

The law could take effect within weeks.