Gary city officials to vote on garbage contract

July 17, 2009 2:54:19 PM PDT
The city's garbage crisis might be settled Tuesday when the city council is to vote on a contract with a pick-up service.Garbage has been piling up for a week in Gary. The crisis began after the council rejected Mayor Rudy Clay's decision to privatize garbage pick-up and pay Allied Waste more than $5 million per year to do the job.

Friday, the Gary Sanitary District Board approved a contract with Allied, and one council opponent said he will carefully read it, and will probably support it.

"If the contract is good, it has been signed, I will reluctantly vote yes," Gary City Councilman Roy Pratt said.

"If we do this in-house, it's going to cost us about $9 million. Outsourcing, it will save approximately $4 million," Mayor Clay said.

Many residents objected to the contract because city garbage pick-up has been free in the past, but private pick-up will cost them $12 dollars each month.