Residents frustrated over city stickers

July 20, 2009 (CHICAGO) Many have paid for the stickers, but have not yet received them in the mail.

The deadline to display the new stickers was last Wednesday, and those who don't have one could be slapped with a big ticket.

The city of Chicago received more than 1.2 million city sticker applications in the six-week period leading up to the deadline. According to the city clerk's office, there was no problem in processing or mailing the stickers this year.

However, ABC7 Chicago spoke with a number of city residents who purchased the stickers online or mailed their money weeks ago and still have not received their vehicle stickers.

The upstairs line at the clerk's office moved quickly Monday. It was filled with Chicago residents who had complaints about the new vehicle city sticker and who feared they would either get a ticket or be charged a late fee of $40 for not being able to display the new sticker.

"I ordered it online last year, and thought I would get some kind of notice. I did not, and I got a ticket last night," resident Richard Juarez said.

City clerk office spokesperson Kristine Williams was busy Monday trying to help residents with their concerns and complaints.

"If you order it by mail, you're obviously not going to have a receipt. So, we need you to at least have your photo I.D. If you ordered it online, bring that confirmation receipt with you," she said.

A number of people in another line at the clerk's office said they had either paid for the vehicle sticker online weeks ago or had mailed in the money and still had not received their new sticker.

"I bought my sticker online and did not get them on time and just got two tickets," resident Enrique Orreano said.

"I ordered it online. I am trying to pick up my sticker that has not shown up. I tried to call and cannot get through," said Andy Weiss, also a resident.

"I ordered it online and still have not received it," said resident Jessica Schwartz.

"We will definitely be looking at all aspects, including mail, to see what might have happened," Williams told ABC7 Chicago.

Williams also said if you put a receipt or your cancelled check on your windshield to show you purchased the sticker, that is enough to stop you from getting a ticket. However, drivers can also contest the ticket, if they get one.

"If anyone has ordered the sticker and not received it, they definitely need to contact us by phone or come to city hall so we can give them a free temporary replacement sticker," said Williams.

Keep in mind, anyone who still has not purchased the new vehicle sticker will have to pay a late fee of $40, or $20 for senior citizens.

The fine for not displaying the sticker is $120.

If you've ordered the new city sticker by mail or online and still have not received it, you should go to the city clerk's office at city hall or give the office a call at (312) 742-5375.

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