Salon gives kids more than just a haircut

July 23, 2009 (GLENVIEW, Ill.) Pigtails and Crewcuts in Glenview caters to children with and without disabilities, starting with their first haircut until they are pre-teens.

Pigtails and Crewcuts has a unique environment that is able and willing to make accommodations for children with various disabilities.

"We've chased kids around the floor before on our knees, cutting hair. We do pretty much anything it takes to have the parent and the child have as good of an experience as they can possibly have," said Robert Farster.

Farster is the owner of Glenview's Pigtails and Crewcuts. It's a nationwide kids hair salon. He knows every child with special needs is different.

"Many kids don't like sitting in chars to get their haircut. They don't like wearing capes. There's just a whole process that scary, clippers can be scary, trimmers can be scary," Farster said.

Environment is not the only concern. Finding the right stylist is essential. They need to be gentle, like Janet Piasecki.

"Being as patient as possible and trying different things and taking them to different areas, stopping in the middle and making sure that things-- if they need to be calmed down, to calm them down," said Piasecki.

Marti Guerrero's two children have sensory processing disorder. Maya is 4 and Destin is 3.

"Why is it a challenge when they get haircut? Because their scalps are so sensitive," said Guerrero. "When we've taken her to other salons, and she will, you know, scream when they try to comb her hair and that type of things, but when we come in here all positive, she's happy. She has no problems in here at all."

"My son, when we come in here, they will make certain that everything is very quiet," Guerrero said.

"Regardless of disability, we have turned no one away yet and I don't ever foresee that being the case," said Farster.

Pigtails and Crewcuts is located at the Glen Town Center, 2660 Navy Boulevard in Glenview. For other locations of Pigtails and Crewcuts go to or call (847) 486-0700.

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