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July 24, 2009 Hosted by PepsiCo at BlogHer (the world's largest conference for bloggers held in Chicago July 24-25), Woodruff will be joined by influential bloggers as part of this Tweet on Friday, July 24 at 12:15 PM. Woodruff believes that this type of Twitter discussion is important as we are re-evaluating our priorities and using social media platforms to instantaneously communicate and align with others around things we care most about. Additionally, she can personally relate to questions about purpose in one's life given recent events in her own family.

Lee can discuss the following:

· Her own individual learning's about purpose and what she's looking forward to sharing with and hearing about from others as part of "The Live with Purpose Tweet"

· The steps that Woodruff is taking to add greater purpose to her own life and her family's life through the initiative ReMIND and Tweet to ReMIND, an effort to raise funds for injured service men and women and their families

· How social media platforms can help impact lives on very personal level, as well as a very public/political level

· How women across the country can participate in "The Live with Purpose Tweet" and tweet using #livewithpurpose

- Lee is happy to discuss how Bob is doing

(BIO) Lee Woodruff

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As a small kid I loved to make up stories. They weren't very good, or even very inventive, but I simply enjoyed the process of creating. I dreamed of one day penning novels and took writing classes at Colgate University, where I graduated with a degree in English.

And then reality intruded. I would need to get a job. And so I landed in the field of public relations where eventually I rose to a senior vice president of Porter Novelli. I wrote corporate materials and press kits and pitched accounts and did everything from race car PR to a brochure on bunion prevention and a press kit on the benefits of cloth versus paper diapers (the environmental impact came out about equal). I learned a lot. I also spent a year in Beijing, China, in 1988 working for communications company Hill & Knowlton, helping international clients break into markets in the People's Republic of China.

All the while, I kept freelancing: writing for myself, for clients and writing articles for publication. I opened my own freelance writing and PR business in 1991 when I became a mother and got a little more flexibility.

I began to hone my craft as a writer who talked about her own experiences and those of her family in a pretty honest way. I was a contributing editor to Family Fun magazine and my articles have appeared in such places as Health, Country Living <> and Prevention <>.

As a spokesperson for Family Fun on tv and radio, I talked about various aspects of parenting and family life. In 2007, I joined ABC's Good Morning America as a lifestyle and family contributor.

My first book In an Instant was co-authored with my husband Bob, the ABC News Anchor who was critically injured in Iraq in 2006.

No one was more surprised than we were when it hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list and stayed there for four weeks.

We were proud that the book helped to put a face on the serious issue of traumatic brain injury among returning Iraq war veterans, as well as the millions of Americans who live with this often invisible, but life-changing affliction. In the end, people tell me it is a love story; a story about a family, a marriage and a journey to heal.

Following Bob's injury and miraculous recovery, we founded the Bob Woodruff Foundation, to assist wounded servicemen and their families receive the long-term care that they need and help them successfully reintegrate into their communities. We both continue to speak and raise awareness about the plight of our returning veterans

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