15 shot in overnight incidents

7 injured in Garfield Park shooting
July 29, 2009 (CHICAGO) VIDEO: 15 shot in one night

None of the shootings resulted in any fatalities.

No arrests have yet been made in any of the cases.

"This was a senseless act of violence. It was totally uncalled for," said Leo McCord, victim's uncle.

McCord is the uncle of 18-year-old Andrew Mack, one of the seven people shot on the corner of Homan and Walnut Tuesday night in plain view of a police camera.

Witnesses to the shooting say there was a dice game going on and that one of the players, upset about his losses, left, came back, and started shooting at the group.

Mack, who was recently voted M.V.P. of Al Raby High School's basketball team, happened to be walking down the street on his way to the grocery store.

"This is a young man that just graduated from high school, was about to leave to go to college on a basketball scholarship in about two, three weeks," said McCord.

Mack is in critical condition at Mount Sinai Hospital, recovering from surgery on his leg on Wednesday morning.

Five of the remaining six were also taken from the scene in critical condition. But the incident was just one of at least seven separate shootings that took place across the city on Tuesday night, injuring 15 people in all.

In one other incident near King and East 63rd Street, a group of masked man who had just robbed a store started shooting randomly. They hit a 25-year-old woman who was standing with her baby talking to friends just inside the public housing unit where she lives.

"It's just not a safe place to live at all. There's so much going on. You can't walk to the restaurant at night. You can't go nowhere," said Antoinette Reed, area resident.

Then on the 7700-block of South Avalon, a man was beaten and shot in the hand after being carjacked at a separate location and driven around for at least two hours.

"He told me somebody...carjacked and robbed him then dumped him off back here. After they dumped him back here I guess, he walked out in the front and then asked me for help," said Chris Wallace, witness.

That victim is recovering from his injuries on Wednesday.

Police said that all of Tuesday night's shootings are still under investigation.

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